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Explore all our interesting fun math activities, charts and worksheets. Keep your children engaged round the clock. Standard charts, number charts, number names charts and activities like cartoon coloring, theme based coloring, connecting dots, and tracing and coloring are all available here for kids. We also teach the geometric shapes in much simplified form. Your kids will definitely enjoy all the free worksheets here. 

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Alphabet Charts, Coloring of objects by identifying the alphabets and missing letters worksheets are provided here.

Print all attractive animals, birds, colors, fruits and vegetables charts and paste them in your kids study room.

Attractive number charts upto 5, 10, 20, and 100 are available in these pages. Partial charts are given to test your kids understanding.


Number names charts have the numbers and their number names represented in different themes. Counting and Cardinality is also explained.

Play with colors. Enjoy this coloring activity by making all these birds , animals , fruits and vegetables vibrant

Figure out the mystery behind the sequence of these dots. Connect the dots one by one to enjoy this activity.

Double fun here . The fun of tracing to find what it is and the essence of making them look beautiful by coloring.

Unleash your favorite cartoon characters in new colorful dimension of your choice.

Engage your child’s cognitive skills and observational abilities with this fun matching activity.

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