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Browse printable free holiday worksheets have a wide collection of colorful worksheets. Christmas, New Year, Columbus day, Easter, Halloween, Martin Luther King day, Memorial day, Saint Patrick’s day, Labor day, Thanksgiving day,  Valentine’s day and Veteran’s day. Children enjoy the holidays and practice the fun worksheets.

Holidays Worksheets

Unlimited fun during Christmas. Merry Christmas!!! Coloring activity, identifying shapes, maze on skip counting and odd, even numbers, picture addition, subtraction and worksheets on many more topics are included.

These free printable New Year Worksheets engage kids during New Year celebrations. Missing words, identifying objects, crossword puzzles, and more activities are available here.

Columbus day is a federal holiday, it celebrated on October 12, 1492. These worksheets help the kids to know more about Columbus. Colorful worksheets engage the kids to learn and practice the worksheets.

Printable Easter worksheets help the kids to learn more about the Easter festival. A lot of activities such as word search, coloring, unscrambling words, puzzles, counting, line plot, maze, and more worksheets are available here.

Halloween-themed worksheets provide a collection of colorful worksheets, that are specially designed for kids. Children celebrate Halloween with this little learning with fun. Free interactive exercises to practice download as pdf to print.

Martin Luther King Jr. worksheets have several activities such as coloring, cut paste activities, word search, arranging the jumbled sentence in order, and more worksheets are included here. Grade 1 to Grade 3 students use this colorful worksheets. 

Memorial Day is an American holiday. Kids can learn about memorial day by practicing these colorful worksheets. Several activities such as coloring, missing letters, word search, unscrambling words, completing the words, counting, cut-paste activity, pattern, missing addends, and so on. 

StPatrick’s Day worksheets include a coloring, crossword, missing letter, word search, word scramble, counting, addition, subtraction, sudoku puzzle, and more worksheets are available here.

These Labor day worksheets help the kids to learn about Labor Day. Grade 1 to Grade 5 students download the worksheets and print them. More activities and fun math games are also available here.

Children will enjoy learning with fun activities such as coloring, missing, word search, counting, puzzles, and more interactive worksheets are available. Print these colorful thanksgiving day worksheets and practice them.

Our Valentine’s Day printable worksheets have a collection of colorful activities. Kids practice a lot of fun and interesting activities such as coloring, matching, missing letters, word searches, unscrambling words, addition, pattern, ordinal numbers, and so on.

These Veteran’s Day worksheets help to remember the veterans who served our country. Teachers download these worksheets to teach the kids about veterans day. Many activities such as coloring, missing letters, word search, connecting dots, and so on.

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