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In this Data Handling section, let us all learn to gather, record and efficiently manage data. Data can be analyzed using a number of ways like Tally marks, Pie graphs, Bar charts, Line graphs, Line plots, Histogram, Frequency tables, measures of central tendency and many more. Lets start managing data.

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Tally marks are a form of unary numeral system used for counting. Here are a lot of worksheets and activities to learn Tally. A frequency of data can be easily represented using Tally marks. Learn it all here.

Pictograph is a method of graphical representation of data or information using figures or symbols. Each symbol used here denotes numbers. Large numbers are also represented using a pictograph. In such case, a key is given to a symbol which is used to represent large numbers. Pictogaphs can be drawn horizontally and vertically.

Measures of central tendency in statistics include mean, median, mode, range, and quartiles. Separate worksheets with detailed solved examples on each topic are given for practice. Concept based word problems are included.

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