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Do you know the simple method to record the scores in a game? How do we organize and interpret that data?

The most simple method is Tally Marks. Tally marks are an easy way to represent information. Now, to find out the score, you just need to count the tally marks of both the teams and represent them by using the uppercase letter ‘I’ or it can also be simply called a straight line. Then, write the count of each team which is the score you need. When you keep track of more categories we need to count each category and sort each of those categories by count.


Tally Marks Chart Tally Marks Chart Tally Marks

These vertical lines are unary numeral system put into groups of five. Four vertical lines are drawn and the fifth line is a diagonal line which is drawn striking all the four vertical lines. We have Tally charts given for reference. Using these charts you will learn to represent the five lines accordingly. This becomes an easy graphical representation of data and is the first skill children learn in statistics. So in these worksheets, collecting, organizing, and interpretting data would be taught. We also need to analyse the data wherever necessary. Statistics therby develops the critical and analytical thinking of children making them to arrive to conclusions accurately.

Worksheets here have skills to count, draw and analyse data. Ample worksheets here are to draw tally marks with reference to the count in each category. You will learn to compare Tally marks, represent them in Roman Numerals, crack multiple choice questions, convert data from a frequency table which has series of entries. Free downloadable coloring and counting dots in dice activities would definitely sharpen your kids critical thinking as said. Do try our worksheets to know how easy it is to learn Tally. There are over 35 worksheets for practice. Try them all.