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Pictograph worksheets or picture graph worksheets in this section teach children to represent data using pictures or symbols. This graphical representation is much easier as the numerical data collected is represented using pictures. Worksheets without key for beginners, with key for grade 2 through grade 6, reading, interpretting, and drawing pictographs are all given for practice. Also, worksheets to represent data using Tally marks and Pictographs and matching data to the given pictographs are here for best understanding of both these topics. You can download all these free pictograph worksheets for abundant practice. 

Let us learn to represent the information on a picture graph

1. The first step is to collect data.   Example :  Collect this data from your class. Suggest your friends 5 colors and ask them their favorite color. Lets consider 5 colors. Red,  Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.

2. Make a small table to record this information. With the given information, you can easily make a pictograph. Consider the key as 2. Select a simple picture for the pictograph.

3.  8 students like Red color. According to the key 2 students can be represented using a picture. How many 2’s are in 8. Its 8/2 = 4. Use 4 pictures.7 students like Blue color. Now divide 7 by 2. 7/2 = 3.5 or 3 1/2. So we will use 3 full pictures which represent 6 students and 1 half picture representing 1 student. Similarly you can represent pictures for Green, Yellow, and Orange.


  1.  The most preferred color- Yellow
  2.  The least preferred color- Green
  3.  The total number of students surveyed= 8+ 7+ 4+ 12+ 10 = 41

Here we have prepared worksheets according to the Common core Standards. Worksheets can be used from grade 1 through grade 6. 



Reading Picture graph - Basic

Picture graph - with Key - Easy

Picture graph - with Key - Medium

Picture graph - with Key - Hard

Drawing Tally marks & Pictograph

Drawing Tally marks & Pictograph (with pictures)






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