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Free worksheets on composing and decomposing shapes would definitely give elementary kids a clear understanding on 2 D, 3 D and composite shapes which form the basis of Geometry. Other topics that can addressed with the help of composing and decomposing shapes are fractions, proportions, area, and perimeter. Total surface area and volume are two important concepts when you deal with 3 D shapes.

Composing is combining or joining two or more shapes to form a new shape. Decomposing, as the name implies, is the splitting or breaking a shape into two or more shapes. An example is illustrated below

Decomposing a composite shape:

When you have practiced all the worksheets here, you will easily use two-  dimensional shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, circles and three- dimensional shapes like cubes, cuboids, hemispheres, right circular cones, rectangular pyramids to create composite shapes and also to create new shapes from composite shapes.

Fun filled, logical thinking worksheets are here for free download. Think well before you build and break!!!

Decompose to new shapes and name them

Decompose - Cut Paste activity - 3 D

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