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We have already learnt comparing and ordering numbers.

Comparing fractions and ordering fractions are based on a different concept. When you compare and order fractions, the first step is to make the denominators the same.

To make it simple, lets divide it into three:

  1. Comparing like fractions
  2. Comparing unlike fractions
  3. Comparing unit fractions

Comparison of like fractions:

When we compare two like fractions, the numerators are compared, as the denominators are the same.

Comparison of unlike fractions:

We have two easy methods to comapre unlike fractions

  1. By converting them into like fractions (Denominators are made the same)

      Unlike fractions are first converted into like fractions. Like fractions are compared easily using their numerators. Follow the example given below.

    2. By Cross Multiplication

  Cross multiplication is another quick and easy method to compare fractions. Consider two fractions.   


Comparision of unit fractions:

Similarly, any number of fractions can be compared. Upon comparing, they can be ordered in ascending order (increasing order) and descending order (decreasing order). These worksheets have exercises to compare and order fractions. Download all materials for free.

Compare shaded part fraction - Pie

Compare the fractions (negative numbers)

Cut Paste activity - Greater / Lesser than

Cut Paste activity - Fractions

Arranging fractions - Ascending / Descending

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