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We have learnt everything about flat shapes, which are also called as 2- D shapes.


Here, we will concentrate on 3-D shapes or solids. They are solid objects that can be measured in three directions. 

In these 3-D shapes worksheets, we will learn all the 3- dimensional shapes and their properties. Consider representing these shapes on three axis-  x, y and z axis. Thus the measurable attributes on three axis are length, width and height (depth or thickness). A few three dimensional shapes are shown below.

All 3- D shapes have faces, edges and vertices.

The flat surfaces of the cube are called faces. A cube has 6 faces.

The line segment where two faces meet are edges. A cube has 12 edges.

Vertex is where three edges meet. A cube has 8 vertices.


We have a number of 3- D objects around us. Almost all the things we handle are solids. Your tea cup, mobile, laptop are all 3- D objects.

Now that your familiar with 3- D shapes, download worksheets for practice. All are free to use and are easily accessible.

Faces, Vertices & Edges

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