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Learn to observe the pattern of colors, shapes, numbers, letters and objects in these pattern worksheets . Different themes are used and a lot of activities are included for practise . Follow the pattern to find the missing ones and complete them. Printable pattern charts are also free to download.


Quick links to download / preview the worksheets listed belowCharts , Shapes , Coloring Shapes(Easy) , Coloring Shapes(Hard) , Match the following , Complete the pattern, Drawing Shapes , Drawing missing shapes(Easy) , Drawing missing shapes(Hard) , Cut Paste activity , Repeating Patterns , Growing PatternsPicture Pattern , Coloring Picture Pattern , Pasting Picture Pattern , Alphabets Pattern(Easy) , Alphabets Pattern(Medium) , Alphabet Pattern(Hard)Alphabets Coloring , Number Patterns(Easy) , Number Patterns(Medium) , Number Patterns(Hard) , Number Patterns(Challenging), Number Patterns(MCQs) , Number Patterns In Out table , Pattern Rotation.Number

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