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Lets make time to learn TIME from these worksheets. Here are a number of worksheets to work on reading and finding time. Time worksheets are most important for elememtary kids as they would start to schedule their activity with reference to time. Most of the clocks hanging on the walls are analog. Reading time from analog clocks are quiet challenging for kids. 

The below shown clocks are 12 hours and 24 hours analog clocks.

A day has 24 hours. That is exactly what a 24 hour clock reads. In a 12 hour clock, 24 hours in a day is divided into two periods. Its AM and PM. AM stands for Ante meridiem and PM stands for Post Meridiem. AM means before noon and PM is after noon. Thus 8 AM means 8′ o clock in the morning and 6 PM means 6′ o clock in the evening.

A clock has 3 hands, an hour hand, a minute hand, and a second hand.

Knowing 5 times table at this time would be very helpful for kids to read time.

Time is read from analog clocks where different time frames like hours, half hours, quarter and minutes are used. Knowing to add and subtract time accurately is greatly important. Worksheets on time addition and subtraction are also given. Using the word problems in this section, kids would definitely know to use time for all their daily activities. Download to practice all our worksheets for free.


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