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Fraction addition worksheets have numerous worksheets to practice different types of fraction addition. Exercises on proper, improper, mixed, like, unlike, and unit fraction addition are emphasized here. Skills on number line and three addend fraction addition are also included. In the following examples let us learn to add different types of fractions.

  1. Adding like fractions:

These fractions have same denominator. Hence they are easy to add. We just need to sum up the numerators.

Upon simplification 4/2 is written as 2.

  1. Adding unlike fractions:

When adding unlike fractions, the first step is to look into the denominators. The denominators are 4 and 5. They should be made the same number. Hence we need to find the LCM of 4 and 5 which is 20.

More about LCM on 

  1. Adding mixed fractions:

Mixed fractions should be first converted into improper fractions. Follow the same steps as shown above to add the improper fractions.

To recall the types of fractions download worksheets given below using below.


Adding Proper fractions (Pie & Bar)

Adding Mixed fractions(Pie & Bar)

Adding like fractions (Proper)

Adding like fractions (Improper)

Adding like fractions( Proper, Improper and Mixed)

Adding unlike fractions (Proper)

Adding unlike fractions (Improper)

Adding unlike fractions (Mixed)

Adding unlike fractions (Proper, Improper and Mixed)

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