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Polynomials are algebraic expressions consisting of variables, coefficients, and exponents. Adding polynomials involves combining two or more polynomials to create a new polynomial expression. The key to adding polynomials is to combine like terms, which are terms that have the same variable and exponent.

Steps for Adding Polynomials:

  1. Write the Polynomials: Begin by writing down the polynomials one below the other, vertically. Make sure to align like terms. Like terms are those with the same variable(s) raised to the same exponent.

  2. Combine Like Terms: Go through the aligned terms in the polynomials and add or subtract their coefficients, depending on whether you are adding or subtracting the polynomials. If a term appears in one polynomial but not in the other, simply copy it down.

  3. Write the Result: The result of adding polynomials is a new polynomial expression. Write this expression with the combined coefficients.