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Grade 1 Place Value worksheets teach children the value of each digit in 2- digit numbers. They would learn to count ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ using base ten blocks. Each block is counted as ‘ones’ and each rod (10 unit blocks) is counted as ‘tens’.

Charts on International Place Value system give you a clear idea on the place of each digit in a number. Thus, children completely become familiar with number system. Large numbers could be read with ease.

In this place value page, you have a variety of activities and worksheets to write numbers in expanded form and compact form. Download all these free worksheets to start learning place value.


Write the number for expanded notation

Write the number of tens & ones using blocks

Write the place value of the numbers

Count the dots and write the numeral

Write the numbers shown on abacus

Write the numbers and number names on abacus

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