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Measurement of Length worksheets encompass a variety of charts to teach metric and customary measures. Learn the measures from the smallest to ensure right conversions.

The metric measures are a system of measurement used in all other countries except the United States.

Metric units of length:

  1. Millimetre
  2. Centimetre
  3. Metre
  4. Kilometre
Customary units of length : 
Customary units are a system of measurement exclusively used by the United States. They are
  1. Inches
  2. Feet
  3. Yards
  4. Miles
Worksheets on metric unit conversions and customary unit conversions are given.  Also metric to customary and customary to metric conversions are included. eg. miles to metre.
Where do we use all these real measurements in our real life?
To  find the answer you need to download our length measurement word problems. They are definitely challenging.



Metric unit conversion ( larger to smaller unit)

Metric unit conversion ( smaller to larger unit)

Metric unit conversion (mixed)

Add / Subtract ( customary unit)

Customary to metric unit conversion

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