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Kids will get to know everything about points, lines, rays, line segments, and planes.

Detailed defnition of all these concepts are given in the charts below. Naming each of them is the most important skill here. Different types of lines are also illustrated with images. You will learn to identify, label, and name points, lines, rays, planes and also measure line segments.

Lets discuss about each of them in detail:

Point: Smallest shape in geometry which has zero dimensions.

Line: A collection of points with no end points and no fixed length.

Line Segment: A line with two end points and which can be measured.

Ray: Starts from a point and extends to infinity in one direction. It cannot be measured.

Plane: A flat surface that extends endlessely in all directions.

To represent all the above using alphabets and symbols refer the image given below.

Different types of lines like parallel, perpendicular, intersecting and concurrent lines are also discussed in detail.

Word problems on all these concepts are also included. These problems are really interesting. You definitely need to try them all. A complete package to learn everything in detail. All worksheets are free and easy to download.

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Measuring line segments

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