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Worksheets on classification or types of angles are given in this section for Grade 5 and grade 6 students. The various types of angles are described with images on charts for easy understanding. You can print them for reference.

How do you classify angles?

Angles are simply classified according to their magnitudes. To make it easy, draw a circle. Divide it into 360 equal parts. Every single part is 1º (one degree). One complete rotation of a ray about a point is divided into 360 equal parts.

Types of angles:

  1. Zero angle:

Exactly measures 0º .

  1. Acute angle:

Measures greater than 0º but less than 90º .

  1. Right abgle:

Exactly measures 90º .

  1. Obtuse angle:

Measures greater than 90º  but less than 180º .

  1. Straight angle:

Exactly measures 180º .

  1. Reflex angle:

Measures greater than 180º  but less than 360º .

  1. Full angle or Complete angle:

Exactly measures 360º .

Also, refer the figures given below for clear understanding.

More than 30 worksheets to find and name different types of angles. Download all worksheets and start practicing.



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