Scientific Notation

Have you ever wondered how big the Earth is? How small a mustard seed is?

The diameter of the earth is 12,756,000m and the diameter of a mustard seed is 1mm. Now lets consider the mass of Sun. Mass of the Sun is 1,989,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. Its a very large number. What is the size of a bacteria? The size of a bacteria is 0.0000005 How do scientists and engineers handle… Read More »

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Pictograph Infograph

Pictographs – Pictorial representation of numerical data

Learn the interpretation of numerical data using Pictographs. Pictographs or picture graphs or simply pictogram is a method to represent data using pictures and symbols. A key is given in pictographs to describe what each picture stands for and also the numerical value assigned to it. Generally it answers the question ‘how many’. Why… Read More »

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Number Names Worksheets

Number Names for Kindergarten

Here we are to teach your kids the easiest way to learn Number names. No wonder after learning numbers from our Number Charts and English Alphabets using our free printable worksheets, Number names would be just be stealing a candy from a baby. Click on our Number names charts link shown above… Read More »

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Have you ever known that colors affect the mood and behavior of your children when learning? Colors play a key role to create an environment that enhances learning and improves memory. Here are such wonderful, free printable coloring worksheets which ignites your kid’s memory. Actively engage them to foster their learning. Get them ready with crayon pencils.… Read More »

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Animals Chart


Do you have children under 5? Then you should have all known that visual representation makes the process of learning easy for children. These basic charts here encompass comprehensive visual materials illustrated using images, charts, placards, and many more. You will find Standard and colorful animals, birds, fruits and vegetables and attractive colors charts here.… Read More »

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