Ready to raise intelligent kids ?

    Then make them fascinated about math, especially geometrical concepts. Early math skills provide an opportunity to your kids to become ...
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    Blog on Composing and Decomposing shapes

    Do you know to split a triangle into a hexagon and 3 triangles? Let me show you how to do ...
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    Familiar with Place Value of whole numbers?

    If yes, our next topic is Place value of decimal numbers which most of us forget to learn or just ...
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    Scientific Notation

    Have you ever wondered how big the Earth is? How small a mustard seed is?

    The diameter of the earth is 12,756,000m and the diameter of a mustard seed is 1mm. Now lets consider the ...
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    Pictograph Infograph

    Pictographs – Pictorial representation of numerical data

    Learn the interpretation of numerical data using Pictographs. Pictographs or picture graphs or simply pictogram is a method to represent ...
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    Ordering Numbers

    How do we sort and order numbers?

    Its just by ascending and descending the numbers given. In this topic, children would learn to compare and order numbers ...
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    Comparing Numbers

    Complete lockdown. Don’t know how to engage your kids? We have something interesting today. A new simple topic.

    Engage your kids during lockdown. How many of you know if your kids have started recognizing numbers? Its only when ...
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    Number Names Worksheets

    Number Names for Kindergarten

    Here we are to teach your kids the easiest way to learn Number names. No wonder after learning numbers from ...
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    3-dimensional Shapes

    Hope you have all seen a Rubix cube, a ball, an ice- cream cone. You must have observed that these ...
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    Shapes Worksheets

    2 – Dimensional Shapes

    What is the shape of a Clock? What is the shape of a window? What is the shape of a ...
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