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The word ‘percent’ is per 100. Thus, percentage is a number or ratio which is expressed as a fraction of 100. In these worksheets, we will calculate the percentage of numbers. If you have to find the percentage of the portion, then divide the portion by whole (entire portion) and multiply it with 100. A part per hundred is the percentage.

How do we express percentage as fractions:
25% is expressed as 25/100. On simplifying its 1/4.
50% is expressed as 50/100. On simplifying its 1/2.

Here 1/4, and 1/2 are fractions which means quarter of a portion, and half of a portion. A portion on a whole multiplied by 100 gives you the dimensionless number percentage.

Most of us would have answered this question. What is the percentage of marks obtained? If you have taken up an exam for 100 marks and you score 80, then you have obtained 80%. Now, if you had taken 5 exams, each 100 marks, what is the percentage of the marks obtained. The scores for 5 exams are 78, 66, 81, 95, and 55. We need to calculate the percentage of total marks.

To calculate some percentage of a number:
Claire spent 20% of her savings. If her savings amounted to $ 600, how much did she spend.
Express 20% as a fraction. It’s 20/100.

To calculate the percentage increase or percentage decrease:

As the words imply, there is an increase or decrease in values.
To calculate percentage increase, subtract the original number from the new number and multiply it by 100. 

To calculate the percentage decrease, subtract the new number from the original number and multiply it by 100.

Practice pages on all the above explained concepts are given in these percentage of numbers worksheets. All the worksheets are free to download and are easy to access. 


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