Ordinal and Cardinal Numbers

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Ordinal numbers or Ordinals refer to the order of objects in a collection. Cardinal numbers or Cardinals refers to the cardinality of a set.Lets discuss about ordinal and cardinal numbers in detail.


Ordinal numbers are used to describe the way or order in which a collection of objects are arranged, generally, one after another. Consider there are 15 students in Grade 1. The teacher makes them to stand in the increasing order of their heights.
Now ask the following questions:

Who stands the first?

Who stands in the eighth position?

The tallest child stands in the _____________________ position.
First, eighth, fifteenth are ordinal numbers. Thus, these numbers can be called the “labels” needed to arrange a collections of objects in order. Refer our Charts given below to learn ordinal numbers. Ordinal numbers drom 1 to 100 are given.

Ordinal Numbers 1 to 50 Ordinal Numbers 51 to 100

Cardinal numbers, as the name implies, refers to or measures the cardinality of sets. Cardinality is the number of objects in a set. For more cardinality worksheets, follow the link given below.

Cardinal Numbers Cardinal Numbers

Cardinal numbers from 1 to 100 are given under number charts and number names charts.



By now, you should have learnt ordinal and cardinal numbers. But, you should understand how to use them. We have free worksheets for download.

Download pages on match the following activity, unscrambling ordinal and cardinal numbers, writing numbers in words, word search activity, crosswords and coloring sheets. Practical use of numbers is illustrated by solving word problems. Here are three worksheets on ordinals and three worksheets on cardinals. Each worksheet has five problems. Use the preview button to have the glimpse of the worksheet and hit the download button to print them.

In short, Cardinals refer to cardinality and asnwers the question ‘how many?’. Ordinals refer to the order of a number in relation with other numbers.

Download all our worksheets and enjoy practing!

Ordinal-Cardinal numbers

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