Complete lockdown. Don’t know how to engage your kids? We have something interesting today. A new simple topic.

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Engage your kids during lockdown.

How many of you know if your kids have started recognizing numbers?

Its only when they learn to compare numbers. Recognizing numbers starts with finding the similarity and dissimilarity between them. Compare Numbers using the greater than (>), lesser than (<), and equal to symbol. Click on the link given below to download our comparing numbers worksheets. A preview of a few worksheets are shown below.

Place the right symbol Compare using blocks Comparison Word Problems

We have also shared the the links to the topics Number Charts and Counting & Cardinality which can be used by parents, homeschooling moms and teachers as pre- practice worksheets which would refresh your kids mood in this Covid19 brekadown before they start to compare numbers.

Coming back to comparing numbers, dissimilarity is recognized only when numbers are identified as greater or smaller. Thus, when you compare two numbers, use the greater than symbol or lesser than symbol as required. To make it simple, we have used the Alphabet ‘V’ in the worksheets as the comparing symbol. When the Alphabet ‘V is rotated clockwise, you get the lesser than symbol (<) and when its rotated anti- clockwise, then you get the lesser than symbol.

Compare numbers upto 10 Count the shapes and Compare Compare using SeeSaw theme

Similarity can be easily identified and is represented using the equal to symbol (=). The numbers are same on both the sides. Eg. You have 5 pound of Oranges and 5 pound of Apples. Which symbol would you use here?

Since both the numbers are the same, we use the equal to (=) symbol.

There are a lot of practice worksheets and activities. Attractive charts, counting and comparing worksheets, coloring pages, weigh balance concept sheets, multiple choice questions, the use of 4 basic operations to compare numbers, exercises using base ten blocks and many more skills are here for children. Download them all and make the best use of them!!!

Comparing Numbers

Why do you compare numbers?

To ensure your kids understanding on numbers you need to test them to know which number is bigger or greater and which number is smaller or lesser which is actually comparing numbers. It is to find the similarity and dissimilarity between numbers.

How to compare numbers?

Numbers are compared using the greater than (>) symbol, lesser than (<) symbol, and equal to symbol (=).

How to compare and order numbers?

You compare numbers to find which is bigger and which is smaller. When you compare numbers one number is big and the other number is small, else they are called equal. Upon understanding this concept, you can order numbers from the least to greatest called the ascending order and greatest to least called the descending order.

How to entertain kids during this lockdown?

Its as simple as that. You have ample time to spend with your kids now. Make it hassle free. View the website which has a lot of free printable worksheets and activities for your kids. Enjoy working with these sheets on these quarantine days.

Comparing Numbers

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