Show your kids the odometer in your car and ask them to read it. Ask them what the reading means?

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Blog on measures of length

To teach them what the odometer reading implies, you must also shoot the following questions to your kids. 

  1. How tall are you?
  2. What is the distance between your home and school?
  3. How long is your pencil?

This is where we will start to teach them the measurement of length and the metric and customary units used to express Length. Here are a lot of worksheets and activities to measure, compare and estimate length. Use the link given below.

What is Length?

To make it simple, length is the extent of something from end to end.

The three elements associated with length are tall, short and long. These elements are everywhere around us. You can compare the height of your siblings, length of two objects, distance between places. These concepts make kids use the terms tall, short and long. 

Lets discuss the two systems of units of length.

Metric Units:

Metric units are International units used by almost all the people around the globe except the US. The most commonly used metric units of length are:

  1. Millimetre
  2. Centimetre
  3. Metre
  4. Kilometer

Customary units:

Customary units are a system of units exclusively used in the United States. Various customary units of length are:

  1. Inches
  2. Feet
  3. Yards
  4. Miles

We will convert from one unit to another and learn to use all the units of length using the worksheets given here. Use the above link to download all length conversion worksheets. Word problems will tell you, where these measurements are applied in real life. There is nothing we can do without measurements. 

Now its your turn. Tell me the odometer reading and what does this reading mean. Comment the reading in metric and customary system in the comment box given below.

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