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Learn the modern English Alphabets which forms the backbone of the language English. These Alphabets have originated from the Latin script. There are 26 letters starting from A to Z.

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Children need to recognize each letter and should also know their pronunciation. Each letter has a unique sound. Both Uppercase and Lower case letters should be taught in the Pre- School and Kindergarten, after which small words can be taught to write. In what ever order the alphabets are given, they need to identify each letter and know that it is different form the other 25 Alphabets. Here we have 29 wonderful alphabet charts for your kids. Print them completely and paste them in your kids study room. For each letter, there are 4 objects shown. Parents can make kids explore more using these charts.

The next 26 alphabet worksheets are interesting coloring activity. If you are working on letter P, then you need to color the objects starting with P from among the objects shown in each page. Supppose you practice the letter Q, pictures of Queen, Question mark, Quail need to be colored. Unlimited coloring from A to Z. Have fun!!

Missing letters. As the name implies, fill in the missing letters to complete the worksheet. The picture shown in each page is the hint and you will be knowing the first letter of each object. With these clues, find the missing letters to complete the word. All these worksheets will engage your children round the clock. These free downloadable materials are more than enough to teach Alphabets and simple words. Make the most use of them.

Only after learning the alphabets charts you will be able to teach number names upto 10 for Kindegarten. They will be able to form words on their own. Teaching short sentenses and making them answer simple questions would become really easy henceforth.

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